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Here's what's trending online for February 15, 2013.

Christopher Dorner ID

A positive ID. Police in Los Angeles know it's over. The man who was out to kill so many of them is dead.

The charred body found in that burned out cabin in the San Bernardino mountains has been positively identified as that of former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner.

The fired officer killed four people, including two law enforcement officers. What has yet to be answered is "how" he died. Was it in a hail of gunfire? A self inflicted wound? Or did he die in the cabin fire?

The answer may not come for days or weeks.

Blade Runner Court

Family members of double-amputee track star Oscar Pistorius are standing with him.

Pistorius wept in court as prosecutors said they will pursue a charge of premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend. He entered no plea at the hearing.

If convicted, Pistorious could face life in prison.

Kardashian Divorce

Kim Kardashian may finally get her divorce.

A judge says the case is ready for trial. The reality star wants a speedy end to her marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries. He wants an annulment instead.

This trial will determine whether Humphries can prove his claims that the couple's marriage was based on fraud.

Charlie Sheen Donation

Charlie Sheen's antics may rub some people the wrong way, but once again he proves he has a heart.

Sheen gave $10,000 to pay for a service dog for a 15-year-old girl injured in an amusement park accident.

The teenager calls Sheen is "a very kind person" and "very generous."