Trending topics 2/21

Here's what's trending online for Thursday, February 21, 2013.

PlayStation 4

Christmas is approximately nine months away. But, Sony's latest offering will be at the top of a lot of gift lists. A new PlayStation 4 console is the big news!

Talk about a tease! We know it's out there, but we can't see it yet. Presenters played games that were projected on screens at the announcement.

But the actual consoles were hidden backstage.{} It's due out by Christmas, with a price tag of $500 to $600.'

Lady Gaga Hip Surgery

Lady Gaga is recovering from surgery to repair her hip.{} She's just 26-years-old. Apparently she hurt herself performing quite some time ago.

She has canceled more than 20 dates on her tour while she recuperates. The question is, can she dance again?

Facebook 99

Facebook is apologizing. It made a "fibber" out of a 104-year-old woman. The maximum age Facebook will let you sign up as is 99.{}

So, even though Marguerite Joseph is about to turn 105, she's been 99 online for the past two years.

Joseph is legally blind and can't hear well, but her granddaughter reads and responds to all her Facebook messages.

A Facebook spokesman{} says the company is working to fix the problem limiting use of pre-1910 birth dates.