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There was a mystery at the Westminster Dog Show. What caused the death of one of the best? Cruz was a three-year-old pure bred Samoyed worth thousands of dollars. His owner believes the dog died days after the Westminster Dog Show from eating rat poison. Where did he get it? The owner is pointing a finger at an animal rights activist who had argued with him outside the show. The dog has been cremated, so the case may never be solved.

Bonnie Franklin, the redheaded actress who played the mom on the long-running sitcom, "One Day at a Time," has died. She had pancreatic cancer. Franklin was 69 years old.

A version of the Harlem Shake has the FAA asking questions. Was the plane on final approach? If so, why weren't the passengers buckled in? A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines says all safety measures were followed. One aviation safety expert who reviewed the Colorado college video said he did not see any FAA violations.