Trending topics 3-7-2014

Here are some of the topics that are trending online for Friday, March 7, 2014.

Ted Turner Hospitalized

CNN{} founder and billionaire investor Ted Turner has been hospitalized in South America.

The 75-year old was admitted for observation while traveling in Argentina. No other details were provided.

CNN's news desk, however, tweeted that Turner was "under observation" at a hospital in Buenos Aires.

Mummified Remains Found

An unsettling story out of a Detroit suburb where the mummified remains of a woman were found inside her home.

The woman apparently died in the back seat of her car, parked in the garage with the key in the ignition six years ago!

Her death went undiscovered because her bills were still being paid by automatic withdrawals from her bank account.

The home recently went into foreclosure, and her body was found by a contractor working on a hole in the roof.

Neighbors said the woman traveled a lot. Some assumed she had abandoned the house or returned to her native Germany

Graduation Cap Ad Space

The ads aren't big, but they are in a prime spot. A University of Michigan-Flint senior is selling ad space on his graduation cap.

So far, he's raised $5,400 for the 100 square inches of space.

The student intends to use the money to pay down his student loan debt.

Bacon App

Want to wake up to the sound of bacon sizzling on the stove with its aroma drawing you out of bed?

There's an app for that.

Oscar Mayer says it has created a bacon-scented app for the iPhone. To emit a small puff reminiscent of bacon, the user needs an external device that plugs into the headphone jack.

The app itself produces the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan.{} The aroma-producing device will be available only in limited quantities.