Trending topics 3/26

Here are some of today's trending topics for Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

Angelina Jolie in Congo

Actress Angelina Jolie is far from the red carpets this week. Jolie is in eastern Congo meeting with women and young girls in an area where sexual violence is a major problem.

The international rescue committee says more than 2,500 women have been raped over the last year alone.{} Jolie serves as special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency.

"Dancing With The Stars" Elimination

Season 16's cast of "Dancing With The Stars" got one more chance to impress the judges and America on Monday night.

These performances will be added to their scores from last week. And, the first star will be cut tonight.{} You can see it here on ABC 33/40.

Stolen Script

Sony released a statement applauding police in New Mexico for an arrest in the alleged theft of a "Breaking Bad" script.

The defendant, 29-year-old Xavier McAfee appeared in court, charged with breaking into actor Bryan Cranston's car and stealing a bag containing an iPad and a show script.{}

So far the script has not been recovered.

$91.5K T-Shirt

A really good t-shirt might run you what...$50? Maybe more...? The designer Hermes is selling a $91,500 dollar t-shirt.

The shirt is made of crocodile and chiffon.

If you want to go pick it up, it's at the designers store on Madison Avenue in New York City.