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Here are some of the most popular online searches for September 19, 2012.

Bank of America Website

Bank of America, the nation's biggest bank, has not explained the reason behind a problem with its website. The site was down or slow for most of Tuesday on blogs and Twitter. Some hacker groups were claiming responsibility for the outage.

But, there was no evidence to support those claims and several recent ones turned out to be hoaxes.

The site appears to be back up and running normally on Wednesday. A bank spokesman offered little explanation as to the cause of the problem.

Apple iPhone 5 Stock

A record number of iPhone 5 preorders has investors hoping for more. Apple's stock closed above $700 a share for a second day.

The company released its latest mobile operating system on Wednesday. That includes more than 200 improvements, as well as bug fixes.{}

Apple is trumpeting the operating system as the best yet.

Jesus Wife

A Harvard professor says she's been studying a three-inch writing sample, that includes a reference to Jesus' wife. But professor Karen King is quick to say that the fragment "does not provide evidence that Jesus was married."

One professor of coptology says a segment of the script strikes him as not being "completely convincing". The discovery and findings are the subject of a new hour-long documentary on Smithsonian Channel: "The Gospel of Jesus's Wife."{}

It premieres September 30th