Trending Topics 9/28

Rapper Lil Wayne is now at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. He has racked up 109 hits. That surpasses the king of rock and roll, who tallied 108 songs on the Hot 100. The only other act with more hits than Lil Wayne or Elvis are the kids from Glee. The cast has tallied 204 hits since their debut in 2009.

Even with Tiger Woods struggling, the Americans managed a tie in the first session of the Ryder Cup. The United States team will need 14.5 points over the three days of play to take away the Ryder Cup from the Europeans.

Here's something you don't see often. Referees getting a standing ovation just for walking on to the field. The real refs returned last night in the Baltimore-Cleveland game. Fans were elated when the league ended its lockout of the league's regular refs on Wednesday.

It might be reasonable to assume the Kentucky Wildcats fans will be a little wild this weekend. The University of Kentucky banned alcohol from tailgating before the game against South Carolina. UK officials say the booze ban was prompted by unruly behavior on the part of a small number of fans. Students who violate the ban will face disciplinary action. We don't know yet if the dry tailgating rule will extend beyond this weekend or exactly how the school plans to enforce the ban.