Trending Topics: August 7

Marvin Hamlisch, the versatile composer, has died at the age of 68. The Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe winner may be best known for his musical contributions to "The Way we Were" and "The Sting." Hamilsch's tunes also gave life to Broadway shows such as "A Chorus Line".{}

Hillary Clinton was smiling and swaying to the beat in Malawi over the weekend. The U.S. Secretary of State wore a traditional dress, while learning the dance moves. She wrapped up an 11-day African tour with meetings today in South Africa.

Many of us love McDonald's french fries. In the Philippines, McDonald's chains, also known as MC-Do, are bringing back 'twister fries' for a limited time. Fast food fanatics there will be able to get their fix for three weeks.

It's a holiday on the island of Grenada. Kirani James won the gold medal in the 400 meter run, and it is the first-ever Olympic medal for the small Caribbean nation. James is a former track standout at the University of Alabama.

There was a special moment for Olympic hurdler Felix Sanchez. He reclaimed the Olympic title he won eight years ago in Athens, Greece. Four years later, in Bejing, Sanchez found out the day of his race his grandmother had died. Tuesday, after winning, he took out her picture and laid it on the track and kissed it.