Trending Topics: Feb. 22

Danica Patrick may have the pole. But it's Kevin Harvick who is positioned as the favorite to win the "Great American Race." Harvick won the first Daytona 500 qualifying race. He also won an exhibition race last weekend. Patrick is the first woman to post the fastest qualifying time for one of Nascar's top -series races.

Have you seen what's lurking in the waters of Lake Tahoe? Giant goldfish! Researchers scooped up a goldfish that weighed more than four pounds and was one and a half feet long! It's the same species sold in your pet store.The goldfish are introduced by people emptying fish bowls or aquariums into lakes and streams.

She runs, she flips, she throws -- she scores! The crowd went wild when William Carey University cheerleader Ashlee Arnau made this amazing half-court shot. She had been trying to make the trick shot for over a month at home basketball games and this was her last shot. She nailed it during half-time of the Crusader's final home game against rival Auburn-Montgomery.