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Yankees fan sues ESPN

The song says, take Me out to the ball game..{}It doesn't say so{}I can nap.{} But, nobody told one guy and now he's furious for getting caught on camera. Andrew Rector is angry. Angry that he got caught napping at Yankee Stadium. Angry that a couple of ESPN announcers called him out for it. Rector is suing ESPN and Major League Baseball for $10 million.Harry Potter UpdateHarry Potter fans got an update some seven years after author J. K. Rowling published the final book. It's just 1,500 words, but it brings us up-to-date on Harry, Ron and Hermione. Suffice it to say, all are doing well. But, age is starting to show. Harry has "some threads of silver" through his hair.{}Donald Sterling Court Appearance L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is in court this afternoon to challenge his estranged wife's attempt to sell the NBA{}team. A neurologist, hired by Shelly Sterling, testified that she concluded donald sterling has Alzheimers. She said Sterling's reaction to the news was "I'm hungry. I want to eat."