Trending Topics: June 14

People in California had quite a scare Wednesday evening. A 4.1-magnitude earthquake shook southern parts of the state. There were no reports of any damages or injuries. It was centered eight miles northeast of Anaheim, where a red carpet premiere was under way for the new Cars Land attraction at Disney's California Adventure. Several attendees tweeted they felt it. They described it as a single quick, sharp jolt.

Lance Armstrong is returning to the United States. New accusations of performance-enhancing drug use, from the U.S. anti-doping agency, prevent Armstrong from competing in a triathlon in France this month. He has until June 22 to file a written response to the charges. He says he's innocent.

It was the tweet that got the Twitter-verse all atwitter this week. A picture of a naked Kim Kardashian look-alike nibbling on fruit from a room service trolley in a fancy hotel room. The photo was shared on boyfriend Kanye West's Twitter account. Apparently it wasn't Kardashian in the photo and it had nothing to do with West. They're just the latest in a long list of celebrities to fall victim to a hoax on the social networking site.

The Georgia Department of Transportation denied an application by Georgia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan to be a part of the adopt a highway program. Officials were quoted saying "encountering signage and members of the KKK along a roadway would create a definite distraction..."The KKK fought a case like this in 2005 in Missouri and ended up getting its highway sign.