Trending Topics: June 5

A projected, razor-thin political race in Wisconsin ends in victory for republican Governor Scott Walker, who wins Tuesday his bid for re-election. He faced off against Democratic Milwaukee mayor Tom Barnett. The state's race is considered a key indicator of how the presidential general election could turn out in November.

Venus will slowly cross the sun. The move will be visible from most parts of earth over next two days. Special viewing with Welder's glasses is advised. Transit isn't expected to happen again for the next 105 years. To watch, log onto

Green Bay Packer wide receiver and "Dancing with the Stars" champ Donald Driver is asking everyone to calm down. He wants people to be nice to a woman who snatched a cleat from a 10-year-old boy during a charity softball game. Driver took to social media to say the woman is human and everyone makes mistakes. He has since found the boy and gave him pair of autographed cleats and a signed jersey, among other items.

A man in Australia says he spotted a dead 12-foot squid off the coast while fishing. Due to its weight, he was unable to haul the squid into his boat.