Trial begins for former Greene Co. Circuit Clerk

{}{}{} The Theft of property trial against Greene County's former Circuit Clerk, Etta Edwards got underway Wednesday.

{}{}{}{} Edwards was indicted in 2011 for allegedly stealing{}$138, 120.72 from the coffers she was once responsible for{}between the{}period of{}April to June 2009.

{}{}{}{} Prosecutors first called an Examiner for the State's office of Public Accounts to the stand.{} Isagore McGee testified during a routine{}audit of computer transactions from Edward's office in 2008, he found 25 deposits totaling $94,000 what he called "In-Transit...meaning they were recorded but the deposits had not been made.

{}{}{} McGee says the computer audit set off a red flag and that's when he traveled to Greene County to do a physical audit of the records in Edwards office.{} After doing all the math, McGee said he discovered{}more than $138,000 were missing.{} He testified that when{}inquiring about the shortfall, Edwards said she didn't know or that perhaps someone broke into her office and stole it.{} But, she later produced a bag of checks and money orders that had been collected from citizens for criminal court fines, etc.{} However McGee says a majority of the stack of checks and money orders were 'stale'...meaning that had been held so long -- they were beyond personal check and money order expiration dates for the bank to honor them.

{}{}{} McGee went on to{}say that he soon discovered on{}numerous{}occasions{}bank deposit slips showed deposits that should have been made several months prior.{} For some reason, the{}official bank stamps including the date and teller number on several could be seen scratched out, which prosecutors pointed out to{}the jury.{} Further, McGee said the numbers and totals on the deposit slips did not match computer records in many instances.

{}{}{} The state says the evidence shows Edwards attempted to cover up the money{}she had taken or was taking.

{}{}{} However in opening states,{}Edwards attorney said she's only guilty of sloppy bookkeeping.

{}{}{} The trial resumes Thursday.{}{}