Trilingual students win honors

A group of trilingual middle school students has won honors in two different language competitions in one week. {}The Capitol School students won awards in German on March 7th and will compete in Spanish on March 14th.

The University of Alabama hosted the German Day competition on March 7, 2014. {}About 350 students from across the state took part. Most were in high school, but the Capitol School students walked away as winners with 11 state honors in German. {}These include two first places, three second places and six third places "in a variety of competitions that required demonstration of the students' oral and written German skills as well as the application of their language skills in visual art projects."According to the school, they have offered German to all of its students (ages 2.5 - 18) for 20 years. {}Students are also required to take Spanish in middle and high school. {}Many of the students have also taken an option third language, Chinese. Students graduating in 2013 from The Capitol School has also earned college credit for Spanish 101 & 102 and Chinese 101 & 102.


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