Trouble flared Friday night at Cullman/Walker football game

Frightful and outraged fans stood in disbelief after the violent and surprising fight that broke out Friday night.

Parents comment out loud about both coaches behavior in a video that was sent to ABC 33/40.

"Great job coaches, you all are great for the kids," said one fan.

Trouble flared after the game when the Cullman "Bearcats" and Walker "Vikings" scuttled after coaches and students brawled when Walker High School lost 13-10.

Nearby residents and people at the game reacted to the fight.

Michael Bear said, "I think its bull crap and both of them should be investigated and both coaches should be prosecuted for whatever they done."

Residents like Alana Farley thought it was just sad. "It is disappointing; coaches are supposed to be able to solve these things. Not handle it with their fist and of course the players are going to look up to their coaches and do as their told," says Farley.

Officers were in attendance throughout the first game, but extra security was needed. Jasper Police Chief Connie Rowe said "In total I believe 15 officers were on the scene." Rowe says the fight took place during their shift change just around 10p.m. and officers even from Cullman were on the scene. "We're working in conjunction, and we are sharing information as much as we were last night on the scene," says Rowe.

Walker high school Principal Gary Boling confirmed that Coach John Holladay is put on administrative leave following the incident.

The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) is also looking into the incident.{}{}

The next home game scheduled for Walker high school is Sept. 13th against Pinson Valley.