Troubled Forkland mayor fires workers

There's more controversy surrounding the embattled Mayor of the town of Forkland in Greene County.

Friday morning, Mayor Derrick Biggs fired two of the workers who played role in his arrest earlier this week. He turned himself in Wednesday after the Water Supervisor, Alonzo Thomas, discovered more than $6,000 missing. Thomas was one of the two who got a termination letter from Biggs.{} "We put it out there that he's a thief and it hurt his pride and now he's trying to retaliate," said Thomas.Water Clerk Allene Broadwater, who claims to be a distant cousin of Biggs, says she{}was also fired.{} "He fire me for no reason, for no reason," she{}said.The move comes less than 24 hours after{}Mayor Biggs{}bonded out of jail on charges of theft of property and misdemeanor tampering with government records.While{}turning himself in on Wednesday, the mayor proclaimed he was innocent. However, workers say{}records show that{}more than a dozen water deposit slips calculated and signed by Biggs do not reflect the amount of funds actually collected on the corresponding days between{}December 2013 and April of this year.ABC 33/40 tried to contact Mayor Biggs about the firings. We visited his home but he would not answer the door, instead, he called{}Greene County sheriff's deputies to ask our reporter to leave.City attorney Woodford Dinning says he wasn't aware of the mayor's actions, but according to the fired employees, Dinning told them the mayor did not have the authority and that "it would have to be voted on by council." Thomas expressed frustration shortly after his termination, saying one councilman told him to file the charges against the mayor. Most of the city council members are said to be on the{}mayor's side.{} {}"If I had taken that money, the council would have fired me. {}But, they want to let him pay the money back. If we hadn't caught him he would have been still taking money right now."