Trussville business owner raises money for family of accident victim

A woman's tragic death in Grayson Valley last weekend has prompted the community to embrace her husband and four children.

A Trussville business owner and a woman who saw the accident, have launched a Facebook page to not only help the family, but to also reach out to others dealing with loss.

"It was a very dark night and they didn't see her." Jana Wright was traveling along Chalkville Mountain Road Sunday when she says 50-year-old Blanca Canales was hit by a car.

"My first instinct was to stop and do anything to help her in this situation."

Wright says Canales was walking home from church when the accident happened. She died at the scene.

"I knew God placed me there for a reason."

Wright told the tragic story to Trussville Grill owner Levert Jackson. "My main goal was to reach out and see if they needed any kind of support and when{}I found out they had young adult kids, teenagers,{}I felt like the right thing to do was collect what we can."

Jackson reached out to the restaurant's Facebook community for donations and then he and Wright formed the facebook page "Trussville cares: with a husky heart."

So far, more than a thousand dollars has been raised for the family for funeral costs and other expenses, which includes re-locating the family.

Wright says,"Their apartment was so close to where Mrs. Canales was hit and killed, it's understandable they can no longer live there."

Jackson says the family is really grateful for the support, but he also asks for prayers for the other family involved in the accident.

In the wake of a tragedy, Jackson and Wright hope this new Facebook page will help more families going through a difficult time.

"This is the first family, it won't be the last."

If you would like to make a donation, Jackson says a trust fund has been set up at First Commercial Bank on South Chalkville Road. Along with monetary donations, Jackson says they've collected a month's worth of groceries for the family.