Trussville City Schools prepare for next week's property tax vote

Amie McCullough has two concerns.

"It's dangerous and it's time consuming," she said.

She says 300 students, like her son, are taught in trailers at Paine Primary School. She calls it "dangerous" for the lack of safety and "time consuming" because it takes too long in the car pool.

For these reasons she'll be voting "yes" to a property tax increase next Tuesday.

"That little tax is way less than you would pay for a private school," she said. "There might be some areas with cheaper taxes, but may not be the best education or safest place for your child."

"I have heard all positive things," Superintendent, Dr. Pattie Neill, said.

Neill says the tax would raise about $2.1 million every year. And, at 25 years, that's $52.5 million that will go to renovating the historic high school and constructing a new elementary school.

Per house it will cost between $5 and $18 dollars a month, depending on a home's value. Neill understands times are tight, but says this is a marathon, not a sprint.

"In this particular case, in the long run, when you're looking at somewhere between $5 and $15 a month, the average being $12 a month, there is a way that you can do that," Neill said.

McCullough would be spending about $12 a month.

Money she says will be well spent.

"I spend well over the amount of money in gas that it would take to put towards this tax," she said.

The second public meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 5:30 p.m. at the Trussville Civic Center. The vote on the tax increase is Tuesday, Feb. 25.