Trussville middle school celebrates veterans


Friday{}Afternoon was a day to say 'thank you' at Hewitt-Trussville Middle School.{}"I'm just proud they take time to acknowledge veterans," said Robert Crawford, an active duty serviceman.{}Hundreds filled the school's auditorium to show their gratitude to military veterans and celebrate Veteran's Day.{}"Its nice that people acknowledge what people do and the men and woman who have died for their country," said Crawford.{}The student choir sang songs and a speech, delivered by a Vietnam veteran, touched on some historical facts about the U.S. military.{}The assembly was a small token of appreciation for a group of men and women who have made tremendous sacrifices for the freedoms of others.{}{}"Even though I was in Vietnam, I have no problems with the military. They have handled me very well," said Wayne Jones, a veteran.{}Students we spoke to say the assembly had a lot of teachable moments.{}"I really like how they had a speaker come up, and they had a person from the news, and the choir was really good," said Stone Logan, an attendee.{}"I thought it was interesting and I learned a lot about America's veterans," said Davis Green, an attendee.{}Every branch of the U.S. military was represented--Coast Guard, Navy Marine Corps, Army and Air force.{}Veterans and military personnel serving now were also in attendance. Each knows the price of service but their biggest joy was watching the smiles on the faces of students and the lasting lessons they left.{}"I believe they took a bit of history plus a lot of camaraderie," said Jones.{}