Trussville PD "surprised" to see plane passengers uninjured


A single engine Beechcraft made an emergency landing in a Trussville field Thursday morning. Police say the people on board were lucky to walk away with just some bruises.According to police, Kent Ewing, his son and his son's girlfriend were flying from Virginia Beach to Birmingham for Thanksgiving. At 9:46 a.m., Ewing who was piloting the plane notified air traffic control of engine problems.Police say it took them some time to find the farm between Pinebluff Trail and Thompson Lane where the pilot made an emergency landing. The plane landed in a field but didn't stop until it hit trees beside a barn.The family had some bruises and a cut finger. No one was taken to the hospital."They were very fortunate. We were very surprised to see all three passengers were walking around," said Lt. Eric Rush of Trussville Police.A FAA investigator is on scene.The plane won't be removed until this weekend.