Trussville Superintendent Announcement

Hundreds of people packed a meeting Monday night to voice concerns to Trussville school board members about the superintendent. But before anyone could speak, the Board Attorney said the superintendent would leave her post.

The board spent all day working on a settlement with Doctor Suzanne Freeman. Details are being finalized. She was not at the school board meeting, but the Board President says her departure was a mutual agreement. It comes on the heels of complaints against her from parents worried about principal turnover at the high school.

Allen Kennemur graduated from Hewitt-Trussville High School and says "I truly believe our board has heard the cries of the community, the cries of the parents and the cries of students." But, before more cries could be heard about Trussville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Suzanne Freeman, the Board Attorney made an announcement.

Board President, Bill Roberts says, "We still have details to work out that she's going to be leaving the schools system, but we're going to treat her fair and do the right thing." Roberts says Freeman has received a lot of complaints and the huge turnout for the Summer meeting, speaks for itself.

Freeman is the founding Superintendent of the school system which started in 2004. While Roberts would not give exact details regarding her departure, he says principal turnover at Hewitt-Trussville High Schools has been a problem and people were blaming her for it. The most recent principal turned in his resignation last month. Recent graduate Kaleb Moode says "Through my six years at Trussville, I've had five different principals."

Parent Kim Bailey says the school system needs new blood. "I've worked as a PTO President for{}two years and in those two years, I worked with 2 different principals, so it's like there's no stability for kids, no stability for teachers."

The new concern, who will fill her shoes and the principal position with the start of school next month.

Roberts says the board will start Tuesday, talking about where the school system is going from here, discussing both the interim Superintendent and Principal positions.