Trussville Waffle House becomes refuge during snow storm.

It's hard to find much of anything open in Central Alabama Wednesday night.But some people are riding out the winter weather with scattered, smothered, and covered.I-59 near Center Point covered in snow and dangerous to drive. We slowly turned onto I-459 and got off at the Trussville exit. The area also blanketed in the snow.But among the white - a bright yellow light. Conor Curry says, "I had to pull of the interstate because it was snowing so bad I couldn't see and when I got off the interstate I started slipping around, so I pulled off at the first place that had lights on."Jermekia Jackson works at Waffle House. She says, "We never close, we're open 24-7 rain, sleet and snow."Curry was thankful to grab a warm meal. "I love waffle house..." before a 3 mile walk home.The slippery roads became a concern for many. These guys managed to get to Trussville safely from Irondale, taking a short break before trying to navigate through snow.Ray Carter says,"I don't want to be stuck anywhere but home, I'll make it." South Chalkville Road between Waterson Parkway and Forest Drive is closed. Trussville police are just asking people to please stay off the roads. They'll be monitoring the area for ice.