Tuscaloosa communities will be cleaning for days after storm

{}{}{}{}{}{}{}It will likely take days for people living in East Tuscaloosa to completely clean up after Monday's storm.{}{} Woodland Forest, Woodland Hills and Golden Acres were pounded{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Tons of trees fail snapping power lines in the process{}along Hargrove Rd and{}within the subdivisions.{}{}{}{} {}{} City crews picked up piles of debris non-stop.{} It seemed they'd pick up at one location and then another was created in the same spot.{} That included those Rita Rimsa and her husband threw out even though they didn't have one tree fall on their property.{} "These came from the Cul-de-sac and the neighbors yard," said Rimsa.{}{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{} However, it was a much different story for Micheal May around the corner.{} A tree fell into his bedroom.{} He showed ABC 33/40 how a limb from the tree poke through his a door to a bedroom closet.{}{}{} Like others, the tree left his home and backyard in{}a mess.{} "Then today we had a tree that fell from my neigbors yard from behind us.{} We got it down and we're continuing today and rest of the week to clean it up," said May.{}{}{}{}{} In reality, it may take longer than a week.{} Some people like Julio Lopez haven't began cleaning.{} He's still in shock.{} A tree crushed a room for a room he and his wife{}decorated {}for their newborn. who was suppose to come home from the hospital the day of the storm.{} "I was like I wanted him to come home but at the same time I thank God he stayed at the hospital because we would have been here."{}{}{}{} Meanwhile, crews are still trying to restore power to dozens.{} In many cases, entire cables and poles have to be replaced.{} However, many are taking it in stride.{}{}{} "All the trees and stuff broken up.{} It's like you're in a different city but its not.{} You go some where and you're like what used to be here and what used to be there.{} Its just all totally different.{} I hope everyone just continue to work together and get it back to normal," added May.
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