Tuscaloosa County Schools toughen zoning restrictions

      {}{}{}{}No more cheating in Tuscaloosa County schools...when it comes to sending your child to the school her or she is suppose to attend.

      {}{}{} School leaders are tightening apparent loopholes in zoning restrictions.{}{} They say too many parents are manipulating their child's school zones and its leading to overcrowding in some classrooms.

      {}{}{}{} They say its also greatly affected teacher placement.

      {}{}{}{} In the past, parents have simply given legal guardianship of students to someone in their more desired school zone.

      {}{}{}{} The child was only required to live four or five school nights with the person, but that's changing.{} The child must now spend every night with the guardian.

      {}{}{}{} A court order for the guardianship is required.

      {}{}{}{} Also, parents must now provide a written explanation of why they changed the child's guardianship.

      {}{}{}{}{}Under the policy, if you're caught trying to manipulate residency in any way, the school system may force you to pay for the cost of the investigation.