Tuscaloosa Firefighters go door-to-door to prevent house fires

{} Tuscaloosa's El Dorado community looked much like the scene of fire emergency Wednesday morning .{}{} The east Tuscaloosa community was chosen for this year's 'Get Alarmed" program, which Tuscaloosa Firefighters do every year.

Several first responders beat the pavement and went door-to-door offering homeowners free inspection of the their fire alarms or to get free alarm installed whether or not the home already had one.

The 'Get Alarmed Tuscaloosa' program first began in 2006 but firefighters say the rate of fire deaths in the state make it more of a greater necessity this year.{} "61 deaths this year.{} Last year we had a total of 81 deaths , so we are well on pace at half a year to eclipse that number and anything we can do statewide and in Tuscaloosa, we're going to do our best to prevent further fire deaths," said spokesperson Gene Holcomb with Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service.

Since the programs inception, Holcomb says they've visited 6, 387 homes.

One resident, Craig Hunter{}saw{}signs posted before Wednesday about the Get Alarmed initiative and was prepared to welcome firefighters to install two smoke detectors in his home.{} He already had seven, one in each room.{} But, Hunter says, "You never know where a fire is going to start.{} We hear on the news or on the radio how a fire started in a wall or behind a pinched cord or something like that so its great to have more than you need."

Tuscaloosa Firefighters say they chose the El Dorado area Wednesday because the last time they visited that area was 2008.

It's recommended you change out your smoke alarms every 10 years.{} Also, firefighters advise you test and check the battery in your detectors twice a year.