Tuscaloosa man charged with shooting 9 year old

Tuscaloosa County homicide investigators have charged Keeondray Sterling in connection with the shooting of a 9 year old boy last month.

The shooting happened June 30th in the 1800 block of 41st Avenue.{} At the time investigators said the 9 year old from Birmingham, Alabama was at the Hayes Housing Apartments basketball court with his 17 year old cousin.{} An older man approached the two about a on-going dispute with the cousin.{}

Investigators say as the boys ran away, Sterling shot at them hitting the 9 year old twice...once in his left arm and lower left side.{} The young victim's injuries were not life-threatening.{} He has been released from the hospital.

ABC 33/40 has learned that Keondray Sterling was out of jail on probation for murder at the time of the June 30th shooting.{} Sterling was convicted in the 2008 shooting death of Darjohn Colston at Creekwood Village Apartments in Tuscaloosa.{} Those apartments are not far from where police say Sterling shot the 9 year old last month.

Sterling is in the Tuscaloosa County jail.{} He now faces charges of attempted murder and first degree assault.