Tuscaloosa ministry collecting clothing for Philippines survivors


Some of the aid headed to the Philippines will come from Central Alabama - from areas that know devastation well. The Wings of Grace ministry started the day after the Tuscaloosa storms in 2011. It became a center full of clothing, food, and resources for tornado survivors but now it's been given a chance at returning the help to another place in need. "It was just devastation everywhere you turned," Terri Hibbard, Director, Wings of Grace Ministry said.It's a place that knows well what it's like to be in need. To be in the middle of disaster when someone - you may not even know- offers help."Just seeing the TV and watching the news, we were there," Hibbard said. "We know that is just 1/4 of what has actually happened and they have no way to go and rebuild."It's that same help - people in Tuscaloosa and West Alabama - are taking to the Philippines."My heart just breaks for those people over there just to know I can't even imagine the situation they're going through right now," Heather Bryant, a volunteer said."I just can't imagine how helpless they were and are," Mickey Dehaan, a volunteer said."We know how important it is to have collections and donations sent," Hibbard said. "Because we cannot do what we're doing, we have no corporate people helping us, we're by donations of local churches, local individuals."{}Citi-impact chose Wings of Grace' - a {}ministry of the Forest Lake Baptist Church- {}to be the West Alabama drop-off point for clothing donations to the Philippines."We are not asking monetary," Hibbard said. "Just go in your own closets there is something that everyone can give back.""It's very rewarding to know I'm helping meet their immediate needs," Bryant said."They have nothing. Anyway we can help we're glad to do so," Dehaan said.And the people who needed help from this ministry in 2011 are now the donors."Oh it's incredible," Hibbard said. "They are all wanting to pitch in. They know how they were loved on here and taken care of and in the two years they have jobs now and they're bringing items to us because we helped them."From now until Dec. 14, volunteers will collect gently used clothing. You can donate at 107 18th St. Tuscaloosa. You can call 205-616-2792.