Tuscaloosa motorcycle cop shoots, kills charging dog during break

A Tuscaloosa police officer shot and killed a dog in self defense earlier this month, according to a release from Sgt. Brent Blankley.

The incident occurred on Nov. 3 at 7:26 a.m. in a driveway of a home in the Eastern Hills subdivision. A motorcycle officer was taking a morning break and shortly after parking in the driveway, the officer was charged by two dogs -- a white pit bull and what appeared to be a brown pitbull/lab mix.

"The large brown dog was snarling and bearing his teeth while running towards the officer," Blankley said in the release. "When the dog got within 13 feet of the officer he had no choice but shoot the vicious dog for his own safety."

Police said the dog fell to the ground after being shot once, but got up and continued to approach the officer, who proceeded to shoot the dog two more times to "stop the suffering of the animal." Authorities were unable to identify the deceased dog or locate its owner, who was informed of the death Monday at the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

The second dog ran away after the officer fired the first shot, but animal control was able to locate and take possession of the dog shortly after the incident.

Following an internal investigation, the officer's actions were deemed "within department policy" due to the officer defending himself from a vicious dog.