Tuscaloosa Police investigating body found on Kauloosa Blvd

The Tuscaloosa Police Department{}is trying to identify a man whose body was found Monday.

Officers responded around 4:40 p.m. to the area of 3900 Kauloosa Boulevard.{} Workers at the wastewater treatment plant noticed a body next to the railroad tracks that run behind the facility.

"There's no known cause of death right now," investigator Kip Hart said.

"It did not appear that he met with foul play based on lack of obvious injuries on his body.{} However, nothing has been ruled out until an autopsy has been completed."

Hart{}described the man as mid- to late-30s,{}between 5'6" and{}5'8" tall, and said he weighed about 165 pounds.{} He had tattoos on his right forearm of the word "world" and an ankh, which is a cross often seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Investigators said he does not match any missing persons reports filed in Tuscaloosa or neighboring counties.

The man wore a dark-colored Columbia jacket and dark pants with blue tennis shoes.{} Officers also found a rubber bracelet on the man's wrist.{} It had the address of the web site of{}Pueblo Pearl, a{}church in Colorado.

"We've reached out to that church already.{} His description didn't match anybody they were familiar with," Hart said.

"It's possible he found it and decided it looked nice and decided he'd wear it."

Investigators searched the surrounding areas, including the woods and some bridges nearby, to see if there were some possessions there.{} They did not find anything that seemed connected to the man.

Hart said the man might have been homeless or a transient, and{}may have been traveling along the railroad tracks.

"It's possible that he was either trying to board the train or jump off the train and hit his head or something like that," Hart said.

"Or he could have just been exposed to the elements and succumbed to those."

Investigators are checking with the railroad companies to get information about any of the trains that may have passed through on Monday.{} They are also trying to find a match in the{}{}Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

Anyone with information should contact the Tuscaloosa Homicide Unit, Tuscaloosa Police or the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office.