Tuscaloosa police make arrest in kidnapping and robbery

Tuscaloosa police arrest one man and they are still searching for another. Investigators were called to the 2500 block of 48th place Easton on April 18th on a robbery call.{} At first, there were two victims. One victim, a 21-year-old man said he was dropping off his co-worker, 22-year-old Courtney Campbell, at his house after they left work. The man says when Campbell got out of the vehicle, a suspect approached them with a gun. The suspect forced Campbell back into the vehicle and made them drive to an ATM where both were forced to make withdrawals. The suspect then made him drive back to Cypress Creek Avenue where he told both men to get out of the vehicle. During the investigation, it was determined that Campbell was involved in setting up the robbery.{}Campbell is now facing robbery and kidnapping charges. He is jail under $90,000 bond. Investigators are still trying to identify and catch the second suspect.
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