Tuscaloosa Police use K-9 to track, arrest suspect who shot at officer

Henry MsGhee, Jr.

An officer with the Tuscaloosa Police Department was responding to a noise complaint, Monday, and was fired upon by a suspect after the suspect fled the scene.{} The suspect, Henry McGhee Jr., was arrested and charged with One Count of Attempted Murder.

The officer was responding to a noise complaint at the Woodlawn Manor Apartments {}in the3800 Block of 1st Ave.{} The officer spoke with two suspects that were standing in front of the building.{} The officer left the scene after one of the suspects said he would go in for the night.{} The officer returned to the scene after the two suspects remained outside.

When the officer returned, one of the suspects fled on foot.{} The officer gave chase and the suspect fired upon the officer. {}{}The officer took cover and lost the suspect after he ran behind a building.

A perimeter was established and K-9 Officer "Kora" located the suspect hiding in a truck covered with a tarp.{} The handgun was found behind a tire of the truck.{}

The officer was not injured.

The gun had been reported stolen.