Tuscaloosa reaches out to Moore, OK


{}{}{} While thinking about Oklahoma, some of Tuscaloosa's first responders took a walk across what was Fire Station #4.{} It was toppled by a tornado with them inside - two years ago.

{}{}{} "All four of us huddled down under a single mattress," Firefighter Jeff Roberts uttered to other fire fighters.

{}{}{}{}He says the all personally feel the City of Moore's pain. "Watching that video -- its some of the same sound, kind of eery...not something I like hearing anymore and the response they've got to make, dusting themselves off -- going right to work."

{}{}{} People in Tuscaloosa know Moore has a lot of work ahead.

{}{}{} "To look back at how it compares to us and what we were doing at this same time as they are at now in their disaster," said Robin Edgeworth.{} She{}lead Tuscaloosa's incident command formed to organize response after the 2011 tornado. Edgeworth says the city{}has extended its expertise to Moore.{} "As far as knowing how operationally to respond. We were very fortunate in Tuscaloosa and I hope they will be to have a lot of good partners."

{}{}{} Those partnerships lead to an aggressive rebuilding effort.{} But, thinking about what just happened in Oklahoma, some survivors like Sharon Maloney took time to second guess the strength of the home she's rebuilding. "Its a lot memories and now we're asking a lot of questions about where the safe spots are in the home. We're really looking at it with a different eye."

{}{}{} The message many in Tuscaloosa have for people in Moore, Ok is..."Our thoughts are with you. We're praying for you. Thinking about you. We know exactly what you're going through ...its pretty rough, I know it's tough, it's going to be long time before things get straightened."