Home Builders Association Builds Home In Tuscaloosa

Tammy Lawler says, "We love having new neighbors, new houses coming up." Neighbors like Lawler's are pleased to know that another new neighbor is coming to town."It's just nice to see that the neighborhood is just going to start growing again," says Lawler.

Alberta City has been through a lot. About 60% of the houses in the area were damaged by the April 2011 tornado. And that's why the home builders association of Tuscaloosa created a plan, a vision to help encourage homeowners to rebuild.

And this 1335 square foot house is their way of doing just that. Vice President Aaron Sincroft with the home builders association explains by saying "It's an energy efficient building, we changed some energy codes, and we updated codes and were building to a higher standard now."

They also have a ground zero shelter; it's about 5 feet deep and can shelter up to 8 adults. Sincroft says the goal was to build a home that reinforces safety providing a durable, energy efficient product as a keystone for others to follow.

Lawler says, "It's a whole package, its now just using really good windows, or insulation, it's the whole package."

Now, neighbors like the Lawler's in the area feel pretty favorable about what the association is doing, rebuilding neighborhoods like this one to better a community. Lawler says "They're slowly coming back."