Tuscaloosa Veterans ask for continued support

{}{}{}{} Tuscaloosa Veterans gathered in separate areas of the city Monday with a unified message.{}{} They all were asking for continued support.

{}{}{} University of Alabama senior and Army Reservist, Jordan Carpenter is about to return to civilian life, but says his service of support will not end. "...not while my brothers and sisters are returning from over seas with life-changing injuries, both seen and unseen..and not while we have those who serve under old glory have not heard a simple direct -thank you,"{}Jordan said.

{}{}{} That's a similar plea from{}many veterans this year.{} Several attended the annual ceremony that's typically held at Veterans{}Park near University Mall but the rain force the event to be held under a pavilion at nearby Snow Hinton Park.{}

"It's definitely a treat to see the ones who came before me and who blazed the way so I can be standing here today wearing this uniform," said Alabama Guard Reservist, Shane Thomas who is with a unit based in Dothan, Alabama.

{}{}{} He words were echoed at a remembrance event held at the Tuscaloosa Veterans Administration Center.

{}{} Army Staff Sergeant, Jeff Munford stressed veterans need to see appreciation for their dedication. "In the end, the only way to maintain the peace is to be prepared in the final extreme to fight for our country."

{}{} Governor Robert Bentley attended the outdoor veterans celebration at Snow Hinton.{} Being an Air force Veteran himself, he said he takes pride that nearly a tenth of Alabama's population is veterans.{} "450 thousand. Per capita, We have more veterans in the State of Alabama than any other state in the country."