Tuscaloosa woman arrested for stealing, killing neighbor's cats

Amy Fondren's two cats, Sipsey and Brave, were stolen then left in a hot vehicle to die last week in Tuscaloosa County.

A Tuscaloosa woman has been arrested on animal cruelty charges after she allegedly stole her neighbor's two cats then leaving them in a hot vehicle to die.

Tina Ingram is accused of stealing Amy Fondren's two cats, Sipsey and Brave, and leaving them in a animal travel carrier in the back of her Jeep, where they died from apparent heat exhaustion.

Fondren told ABC 33/40 reporter Isaiah Harper that she knew something was wrong{} on the night of Aug. 2 when her cats didn't return to her duplex in the Buhl community for food.

"They laid on our front porch and would run off from time to time, but whenever I would go to feed them, they were always right there," Fondren said. "And that's when I knew something was wrong when they didn't come up when I called for them Friday night."

Fondren, who described her relationship with Ingram as "decent" prior to the death of her pets, asked her neighbor if she had seen Sipsey and Brave. Ingram denied having seen them, but two days later, she heard a different story from the suspect's son-in-law.

"At that time, her son-in-law told us she had them, put them in a cat carrier and put them in the back of her jeep Cherokee," Fondren said.

Shortly after hearing the revelation, Fondren filed charges against Ingram, who was later arrested by Tuscaloosa County sheriff's deputies. {}

Tina Ingram

Ingram has been steadfast in maintaining her innocence, denying any involvement in the death of Sipsey and Brave.

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