Two arrested after a suspicious package search and standoff

A threatening note and suspicious package in Cahaba Heights led to a stand-off at the suspect's house in Irondale. It forced police to bring out the bomb squad and shutdown traffic in the area for hours. Two people are now in custody.{}

It started at 10;30 Thursday morning at the CVS in Cahaba Heights when a threatening letter and suspicious package turned up inside.

"There is a suspicious device within the business," Lt. Brian Gilham, Vestavia Hills Police said on the scene. "Right now, we're not going to go into a lot of details until the investigation is complete."

A robot helped them search while police kept the busy street shut down backing up traffic for hours.

"Busy intersection, I know it's inconvenient but right now we have no options," Lt. Gilham said.

The investigation led officers to a house in Irondale on Conway Lane. When the people inside wouldn't cooperate, the bomb squad moved in.

"Scared. Everyone is paranoid, not knowing what to expect happen," Bruce Smith, a neighbor said.

"I got a call saying we had to leave the area where we live immediately,"{}Antwaun Horn, a resident said.{}"They were doing some evacuating and I didn't know what was going on, so I hurried up and rushed over here and tried to make it home as soon as possible."

Officers tell us, the suspects are related and the mother was brought in to help them end the standoff - eight hours after they found the suspicious package.

"You use all avenues you have available to get these situations resolved and that did help," Lt. Gilham said. "There was a negotiator from the ATF who had patience and used professionalism and resolved it peacefully. So it went as well as it could possibly hope."

Police have not yet released a motive or what they found in the package or the identities of those arrested.