Two Birmingham schools dismiss early, parents not happy with school system


According to the Birmingham City Schools System, Parker High School, Arrington Middle School and Huffman High School will all be closed, Wednesday, due to "issues with school heating systems."

Staff at these locations are asked to report to their work sites on a two-hour delay.


Buses ran a little earlier than normal, Tuesday, for two Birmingham city schools.

After a two-hour delay, Arrington Middle School and Parker High School dismissed at noon because the buildings have no heat.

"It feels like you're on the outside, basically," one Parker High senior said.

"It is 21 degrees and Parker High School does not have any heat," another student said. "It's cold in there!"

"I'm a concerned parent," Ernestine Washington said.

Washington has a child at Arrington Middle School. She doesn't understand why the school district with a two-hour delay, knowing there was no heat, wouldn't just call off school for the day.

"She's freezing," she said. "She's freezing because there's no heat and she's cold. Why did they not let out school at eight o'clock this morning?"

She says she even called the school.

"And I asked them 'Are you gonna let school out?'," she said. "They said ' 12:00'. I said 'With no heat?' [The school said] 'Well, maybe we'll have some by then'. You see, that's upsetting."

Parents at Parker feel the same way.

"It's very inconvenient," Kenyarda Thompson said. "Because they just went at 10:00."

"It's very inconvenient," Shaneka Houser said. "I have my three-year-old in the back seat. It's too cold for this."

The Birmingham City School Board was unavailable for comment, Tuesday, as to why the heat was out. It did release two separate emails saying the two closures were because of "issues with the heating system."

"I'm sure the city of Birmingham can do much better than this," Washington said.

Parents don't care what the problem is. They just want it fixed.

"I just hope they hurry up and get it fixed," Thompson said.

"The school system, they need to get it together," Houser said. "It don't make any sense."