Two brothers talk "rules" to keep Iron Bowl environment friendly

Typically, at band practice, it's imperative for the band mates to be on the same page.

Musically, yes. But for Brothers' Kin, they are on two separate pages of two separate play books.

Brad and Drew Kuehner say music has been in their blood for years.

"The two of us have been making music and singing together and playing together since we were kids,"{}Brad said.

Also in their blood is a passion for college football.

Brad pulls for Auburn. Drew rolls with the Tide.

"I remember a family vacation where we had to stay in separate rooms," Drew said.

"It wasn't even the Iron Bowl," Brad said. "Just both of our games were on at the same time."

For this weekend's Iron Bowl Drew is more realistic.

"If Auburn brings the 'A' game, they could win," Drew said. "If Alabama brings the 'A' game, they could win. It may just become a shootout."

Brad...not so much.

"I want a 24-0, Auburn...shuttin' them out," he said.

This Saturday, Brothers' Kin is playing a show during halftime of the Iron Bowl.

"We laid down the ground rules to give us a good foundation and boundaries," Brad said.

Here are the ground rules:

1. We may only say positive things about the other team.

2. The only team we can speak negatively about is our own.

3. We may only rejoice at appropriate times to a reasonable degree - there will be no excessive celebration (defined as celebration intended to offend the opposition).

4. We may voice our opinions on officials and their calls, but only while the call is in question.

5. Choose silence over bickering and banter.

"Usually, it doesn't ever get to the point where it has to be choosing silence over bickering," Drew said. "I can tell when I should just shut up."

No matter Saturday's winner, these brothers are hoping that old saying is true..."Silence is Golden."