Two businesses find snakes inside their buildings

Gemond Richardson, an employee at D & S Truck and Trailer Repair, says he got the scare of his life about a month ago while at work.{}

"I seen something coming in the shop.. I'm afraid of snakes also. {}I started running you know. He [His supervisor] wanted me to get the shovel. It took me two extra minutes to get it because I was so afraid," said Richardson, describing the snake as it slid into his work space.{}

Richardson, along with Darrell Jackson, owner of D & S Truck and Trailer Repair, attacked the creature. {}

"We got a shovel and we disposed of him," said Jackson. {}=

"I was so glad I was not here to see that. {}That's terrible," said Shawana Jackson, who also works at the repair shop.{}

Gould Construction sits just a few doors up the street from Jackson's repair company. An employee reported a large snake in the toilet Saturday morning.{}

Hueytown police officer, Alice Thompson, responded to the call and captured the large snake. {}Police said based on its color, fangs, and size, it was definitely a venomous cottonmouth.{}

Hueytown's police chief believes a nearby creek and heavily wooded area are what's keeping the reptiles nearby.{}

"Snake are a lot more common than people realize. They have no interest in seeing us. I'm a very experienced hiker. {}I know there have been many occasions walking through the woods when I've walked right past one and not even realized it," said Chief Chuck Hagler of the Hueytown Police Department.{}

Police say they respond to snake calls anywhere from 2 to 3 times a month. {}For them, it is nothing out of the ordinary. {} They do warn if you happen to have a close encounter with one of these creatures, that you call police right away.{}