Two church arsonists beg for release; Moseley asks in person

{}{}{}{} Thursday was the first time{}Benjamin Moseley has been seen in Bibb County since he, Mathew Cloyd and Russell DeBusk admitted to a{}church burning rampage in West Alabama in{}2006.{} At the time, they were young Birmingham College students.

{}{}{}{}{} Debusk was granted early release from state prison last year.{} Moseley and Cloyd want their two year state prison terms suspended.{} "It seems like the never ending case because they don't like prison -- but who does," said an angry District Attorney, Michael Jackson.

{}{}{}{}{}{} Jackson is vigorously fighting to have Moseley and Cloyd serve their complete state sentences.

{}{}{}{}{}{} Thursday, attorneys for the two told Circuit Judge Marvin Wiggins...the young men have learned their lessons, taken up trades in prison and said Moseley is "A new man of God."

{}{}{}{}{}{} Moseley addressed the court and church victims himself.{} He read a prepared statement.{} He said he was sorry for the pain he caused and hoped he would "fall into their good graces."{}

{}{}{}{}{}{}{} But, those like Ken Price who have followed the cases weren't buying it. "They were old enough to know better when they did it. I think they should go ahead and do their time," Price said.

{}{}{}{}{}{}{} D.A. Jackson says "They get in court and say these guys weren't thugs. Those were thuggish actions to burn up churches."{} Jackson told Judge Wiggins, Moseley and Cloyd should not be given a break.

{}{} He says, unlike Debusk who stopped after setting fire to five churches, Moseley and Cloyd continued and burned four more. "I don't want them to be in hotel or at home watching Monday night football. I want them to be locked up thinking about what they've done to these good people -- these good citizens of Bibb County."

{}{}{}{}{}{} Judge Wiggins did not make a decision Thursday but took the request under advisement.

{}{}{}{}{}{} We're told judges in all of the counties where the burned churches were must{}all agree to early release.{} The counties include Bibb, Greene and Pickens.{} A Pickens court has already denied the request for early release.{} But, if Judge Wiggins in Bibb County grants release, then attorneys for Moseley and Cloyd would be able to ask Pickens County to reconsider.

{}{}{}{}{}{}{} ABC 3340 also learned that as of last week, Benjamin Moseley has been relocated to the Bibb County State Correctional Facility to serve his two year state term.