Two teenage girls, one incredible story

Competition is a funny thing.

For marching band members it's about knowing your routine, knowing your instrument, staying in key and staying in line.

But, it's also a good idea to know your opponent.

For two girls at two different high schools in Alabama they know each other better than they think.

14-year-old Anna Homan.

14-year-old Mary Ashtyn Bamberg.

Anna goes to Gordo High School, Mary Ashtyn goes to Bibb County High School.

Anna plays the clarinet, and Mary Ashtyn is a majorette.

Two separate girls with two, unrelated, separate lives...with a unique story.

"I think it's cool," Bamberg said. "Because we have{}a connection."

Their friendship started at birth.

"It's actually really cool that we're so close to each other when we were born in the exact same place," Homan said.

That place being the Republic of Kalmykia Orphanage in Russia.

They were adopted. Mary Ashtyn, first, to parents in Bibb County. Anna was adopted six months later to her parents in Gordo.

"It's neat because we're both from Alabama," Bamberg said. "I didn't know that she was in band and then my parents told me."

Then, last fall at the Cavalcade of Bands in Tuscaloosa, they had their first meeting.

"It was actually pretty cool knowing that we were both on the same field," Homan said. "And, we got to meet each other for the first time after it, too."

Since then, their friendship has been growing.

"We text [message] each other a lot, sometimes," Homan said.

Two different girls with one very unique bond.

"I would have somebody who has the background like mine," Homan said. "In case I needed any help, I know that she would understand what I'm going through."

A relationship that started at birth and will continue for years to come.

Thursday night, Bibb County High School, Gordo High School and about a dozen other high schools got together for the Fifth Annual Crimson Cavalcade of Bands in Tuscaloosa County.