Two suspects in custody after officer involved shooting

Police investigate a officer-involved shooting incident in Fairfield on Wednesday. (

Two juveniles are in custody following an officer involved shooting in Fairfield. But family members say that the young men were unfairly targeted by police and they should not be in jail.

Police say they got a call about two juveniles hanging out at a store with a weapon. When officers showed up, the teens left the store and ran to a neighborhood. That's when police say the situation took a dangerous turn.

Moments after Fairfield Police say two juveniles.. left the Pop N' Snack.. Officers spotted them between some buildings in the 6700 block of Terrace Court and Avenue "D."

When an officer approached them. Police Chief Leon Davis says "From the evidence we've gotten, the male presented the firearm to the officer. The officer returned fire at the suspect. The suspects then ran and we apprehended them a short distance away at the Willie Mays Park."

No one was hurt, but Chief Davis says officers found evidence that a round may have been discharged at the officer. However, family members of the suspects.. believe officers unfairly targeted the teens, some even question if there ever was a gun. Jackie Dancy says "I get out here and four or five witnesses are telling us the same thing, the police started shooting at them. They were sitting on the things. Any child would get up a leave when you see the police." Vickey Hood says "If they had a gun and pointed a gun at police, they were that close to see that, why weren't they killed?"

Chief Davis says "We are trained when to fire and when not to fire. We don't just randomly shoot a weapon at anybody. If the situation wasn't safe, it wouldn't have been fired. But Chief Davis still says there will be an internal investigation conducted within the department. As far as the suspects.. he says they could face an attempted murder charge depending on the outcome of the investigation.

The names of the suspects have not been released. A shooting happened on Monday a couple blocks away from this location. Chief Davis says they're looking into whether these suspects had anything to do with that.