Tyson, Stewart vote results in tie; Council back to square one

Birmingham City Council President, Roderick Royal, says it's been a process.

"What we found out is it's hard to bring eight people to agree in a situation like this," he said.

Since February, the seat for District Six has been vacant.

For three months, it's been a slow process with collecting resumes and applications and conducting interviews. What was originally 16 names boiled down to two...Sheila Tyson and James Stewart.

Tuesday, those two names went head-to-head in a roll call vote.

It resulted in a tie.

Royal voted for Stewart.

"I did and I still think he's the best candidate," he said.

Councilman Jay Roberson opted for Tyson.

"Miss Tyson delivered in her interview process," he said.

But now it seems the top two candidates could be off the table.

Council voted to head back to committee, Wednesday, to re-evaluate other candidates applications.

"I do think, now, that we have to sit down and look at past candidates," Roberson said.

Royal says the problem is politics. But, he's confident a District Six representative will be selected.

"The right thing to do is to give council members another few days to look at it," Royal said. "But, by next Tuesday, I'm relatively certain we'll have someone."