U.A. apologizes to Bakery for trademark threat

{}{}{} Customers of a popular bakery were prepared for publicity fight against the University of Alabama.

{}{}{}{} The Collegiate Licensing Company in Atlanta which contractually owns the Bama script 'A' trademark sent Mary's Cakes and Bakery a letter to cease and desist using the 'A' on her some of cakes and cookie designs.

{}{}{} Owner, Mary Cesar said on her blog today, "Whatever it means to you, we won't be putting any single red A's on cookies or cakes at the bakery. And that's because we've been put on notice that we would be sued by the owners of the first letter of the alphabet, if our version looks like their intellectual property."

{}{}{} Cesar said she would comply because an expensive lawsuit would essentially put her out of business.

{}{}{} Through facebook, blogs and chat customers flocked to Mary's defense.{} "It just doesn't make sense to put her cases on the level of T-shirts and stuff," said one angry customer.

{}{}{} Workers at the Bakery said University official have even order some of Mary's bama creations.{} She even made a cake that looked like the Championship Trophy for one group on campus.

{}{}{}{} Apparently, the University was unaware the Collegiate Licensing Company had sent Mary the threatening note.{} Today, a spokesperson for U.A. released this statement:

{}{}{}{}{}"UA has talked to Ms. Cesar and has apologized for the letter, which is not consistent with the protocol we normally follow for local vendors on trademark issues. We have assured Ms. Cesar that we will work with her to resolve this issue quickly and amicably so that she can continue to produce pastries that bear the University's marks. We will also make sure that everyone involved in the licensing process is fully aware of UA's long-standing communications practices and concerns when dealing with local merchants."