UA game day preps underway with road projects in mind

In addition to keeping people informed about roadwork, The University of Alabama{}goes to great lengths to make sure people are informed about parking and other logistics prior to attending a game."September will be here before you know it and we will be welcoming our fans back to campus in September for the that florida atlantic game," said Gina Johnson.

Johnson works in game-day operations for the{}UA.{}She says her department tries not to leave any stone unturned when it comes to preparing for game-days. They've even got the scoop on any potential traffic hickups. "We're working very closely with ALDOT and TDOT to make sure that our fans have access ingress and egress."{}In fact, Johnson says they've already spoken about specific road projects expected to be underway during the fall that could have a potential impact on game-day traffic flow. "At the Cottondale exit their will be some construction there as we prepare to widen that bridge. Also 359 as you're coming into tuscaloosa on our west side, that road is going to be resurfaced,"{}said Johnson.{}As for having a direct impact on game-day traffic, Johnson says aldot works closely with the university to try to minimize disturbances. "During the game-day ingress time, the road will not be closed. Lanes will be open. But you will see barriers and cones and things like that from the construction that would go on at other times."Johnson says game day parking has not changed since last year. Maps are provided online at the website to indicate designated parking areas for visitors and for people planning to tailgate. Johnsons says parking passes may also be purchased online prior to the day of the game. In addition, the university is using technology to keep fans updated on any traffic or logistics changes to be expected on the day of the game. "We have a weekly email blasts that sent out on the week of the ball games. We are also using twitter and facebook to communicate to our fans."