Former UA players, coaches remember Mal Moore

The words Mal Moore and University of Alabama will be forever entwined. That is evident with a look at those in attendance at his memorial service Thursday at the Coleman Coliseum in Tuscaloosa.

Former players, coaches and students say they can't celebrate him enough. Even though Moore's legacy centers on the football program, they say,{}he meant far more to the school and the state.

"He definitely left a huge footprint and it's so good to see because he cared so much about the university, as a whole," Bob Baumhower says.

Baumhower says, when he thinks of Mal Moore, he thinks of a dear friend. He first met Moore as an Alabama football player, when Moore served as offensive coordinator for Alabama Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.

"I got to see him do a lot of wonderful things for people including his family. He was such a man," he says.

That's why so many people, students, faculty and coaches alike, are paying their respects.

Alabama assistant track coach Dick Booth credits Moore for bringing him to the school. Booth says Moore's legacy will undoubtedly live on.

" You can't replace him. You can't do anything to bring him back but just honor his memory by the way that we conduct business at this university," Booth says.

There was a private funeral held in Tuscaloosa Thursday morning for Moore. He will be buried in Dozier, Alabama, his hometown.