President Bonner provides update on diversity efforts on UA campus (video)

University of Alabama President Dr. Judy Bonner provided a progress report on sorority diversity in a video update Friday, September 20, 2013.

President Judy Bonner released an update Friday on the efforts to diversify sororities at the University of Alabama. President Bonner said the first steps were taken to remove barriers. This week, sororities issued 72 bids. Eleven African-American women received bids. Three bids went to other minorities. Eighteen bids have already been accepted. Four of those bids were accepted by African-American women and two by other minorities. Bonner said others are considering accepting bids. "While some sororities are farther along than others, I am encouraged that chapter members are proactively reaching out to a diverse group of women. The process of open continuous bidding will continue, and we will see these numbers increase over the next few weeks. The administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni of The University of Alabama will continue to support these efforts, now and in the future." said Bonner.This issue of race came up on the University of Alabama campus after the Crimson White, a student newspaper, published a report alleging that at least four sorority chapters denied a black student a bid because of her race. The U.S. Attorney in Birmingham says her office is looking into whether federal laws were broken.

Governor Bentley today also issued a statement. {}He says the bids mark progress, but he believes more work still needs to be done. {}Governor Bentley says:

"Recently, I delivered a message to the University of Alabama.{} I expressed my concern over this issue and that it was unacceptable for anyone to be rejected because of the color of their skin.{} I said I expected this issue to be resolved.{} I had the utmost confidence in the leadership at the University to make sure this issue was addressed.{} Today's news is a positive first step."