UA student seating back under the microscope

Shown far right is the largely empty student section at Bryant-Denny Stadium immediately following Alabama's win over Arkansas, Saturday, October 19, 2013. (

Student seating at University of Alabama home football games is once again under the microscope.{}{}

It's not hard to see why.{} Sections reserved for student organizations, many of them Greek, were nearly empty{}at{}the end of the Crimson Tide's routing of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Communications Director for the{}UA Student Government Association, Leela Foley, said{}the SGA{}and UA{}Office of Student Affairs{}will meet to review photos and video of this section and take "appropriate action based on the agreement signed by the organizations."

SGA{}President Jimmy Taylor sent an email to organization leaders last week, reminding them they must stay for all four quarters of the games or forfeit their reserved seating.{} "Seating will be taken away from those organizations, who abandon reserved seating," Taylor{}said in the email.

Click image to enlarge:{} Bryant-Denny Stadium seating chart for Greek organizations at the University of Alabama.

Taylor also said "I have also been informed that this is a 'pilot year' for SOS and if sections do not remain full, this will likely be the final year of Student Organization Seating. So, it is up to you and your organization to make the statement of whether you wish to see SOS continue into future seasons."{}

The student organization seating handbook lists "excessive tardiness or early departures from the stadium" as unacceptable behavior.{}{} Sanctions range from losing seating for the next conference game{}to not being allowed to apply for student organization seating the following year.

Click here to read the complete University of Alabama SGA student organization seating handbook.