UA students react to arrest of basketball player Devonta Pollard

Alabama freshman basketball player Devonta Pollard. (

A University of Alabama basketball player has been charged in connection with the kidnapping of a 6-year-old Mississippi girl.

Jashayla Hopson was abducted April 30 at a school in Kemper Co., Miss., and since then, six people have been charged including Crimson Tide freshman Devonta Pollard and his mother, Jesse May, who is a teacher from Northport.

Jashayla Hopson

Police believe Jesse May Pollard took the girl to a Bessemer hotel before releasing her the next day.Current students on the Capstone are feeling disappointed over the news of Pollard's arrest Tuesday. Student, Matt Shirley says "It's definitely a big hit, a big hit to the potential of what we could have been."Another student, Jack Stelter, says "It's a little disappointing to hear. I did follow them a little bit this past season knowing I was coming to Alabama. I think it's shocking to hear that."At a school where sports reigns supreme, many students are worried about the negative publicity as well as the team's future.One of Pollard's fellow classmate, Mary Nathanson, says "It reflects so much on the players, half of our campus is from out of state. I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.{} All the LSU people saying stuff about Alabama kind of makes students look just as bad as the players."Students have many questions about the arrest while it remains unclear whether Pollard knew the child who was kidnapped. ABC 33/40 attempted to reach both the Kemper Co. Sheriff's Office and the university for comment, but neither have responded to the request.