UAB clinic offers support & survivorship resources

Sally Graul remembers the day ten years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Like everybody else, I was scared to death," Graul said. "You hear such horror stories, about women and the things they have to go through. To get through breast cancer, the chemoand all that. It's just awful."After years of various treatments, surgeries and recurrences, Graul is in remission.{} It was during her battle with cancer, that she found her strongest support.{} The supportive care and survivorship clinic at UAB.Physicians, nurses, and all types of therapist therapists, counselors, social work, all come together to take care of patients and their families in a supportive way, during treatment and during survivorship," Dr. Rodney Tucker, medical director of UAB Palliative Care said.The clinic is the only one of its kind in the region. More than 200 new patients go through the clinic each year. "It's not limited to just cancer patients, it may be any patient that has an advanced illness or serious illness," Tucker said.For Graul, each day is a blessing. She wants others to know that during trying times, they are not alone. "There is service provided by supportive care, that you aren't going to get anywhere elsethat is simply people who are interested in your comfort, are interested in tying your care all together," Graul said. "And giving you knowledge of what's wrong with you, so you can go on and have quality of life."